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2021.11.30 05:43 anonredditor18 Someone might be threatening to out me?

I’ve been getting random accounts adding me on Snapchat by searching my username and I’ve been ignoring them. One account was named “Answer James” and my name isn’t James and I don’t know a James. Next account that adds me is named “answer or be outed” what do I do? I have been using Grindr but only gave my snap to a couple guys who I’ve just had some casual conversations with. I don’t wanna be outed.
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2021.11.30 05:43 Typical-Trick-9313 About a particular fight.

So, Garou will fight Platinum Sperm in the Manga unlike in the Webcomic where he didn’t exist. I‘m hoping this fight will have some collateral damage because I feel like it’s been missing from fighters like Darkshine, GS and current Garou.
It will also help us know where they currently stand in power.
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2021.11.30 05:43 PadyEos Luna și recordul la scumpire! Prețul spot al energiei electrice din România a fost în noiembrie cel mai mare din istorie

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2021.11.30 05:42 _Fenikkusu I need that skin

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2021.11.30 05:42 Nanibgal_linguophile Looking for a Beta Reader

Hi everyone! I started a...pretty massive undertaking of a fanfic and am (night) hunting for beta readers. There's currently about 100 pages of material with much more to come, but it's still very much a rough draft and needs work.
It's not a heavily romance centered fic, although of course there's WangXian as well as some other pairings. It's more of a "what if WWX was able to learn about the ambush ahead of time?" and what follows is the foundation of the Yiling Wei sect, and all the chaos that follows. Xue Yang features as a prominent main character who ends up adopted by WangXian, because there's a slightly altered timeline that's explained in the story.
I am having some trouble figuring out a few points, and would like someone to talk to about that. I also need someone to go over what I've written and help me strengthen my writing.
Thank you, have a nice day!
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2021.11.30 05:42 marknottz Hi all, I’ve been trying to sort my bench out to give me proper working ergonomics and I can’t think of a good simple way to raise it without chopping pallets etc! Any advice very welcome x

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2021.11.30 05:42 cbbuilder Art Library Book Requests

Does anyone know how long it usually takes for a book pick-up request to be filled if the book is already on campus? Thanks.
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2021.11.30 05:42 ilovekurapika24 I’m so happy 😭😭😭

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2021.11.30 05:42 BusinessLake7041 ProstaStream Reviews Reddit | All You Need To Know Before Taking Any Decision!

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2021.11.30 05:42 CrustyToenail420 I can't digitally paint but this photo gave me inspiration

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2021.11.30 05:42 Foxbat40 The Devine Demon {Chapter 81}

Chapter 81
The Abyss, Layer 600, The Endless Maze, Inside the Lyktion entryway.
Lilith awoke to the sound of footsteps as a Minotaur strode by. She opened her eyes to see it going up the entryway heading towards the central chamber of the palace. Feeling no restraints on her head nor arms she brought her hands forward to look at their condition, but as she brought them forward she could see nothing. Quickly turning right she looked down where her arm should be attached to her shoulders she found nothing just her body made of jagged obsidian scales. She tried to scream but found she had no voice, just a large gaping maw filled with fangs and needle like teeth. Her forked tongue darted out from her mouth as she hissed in dismay. Again she struggled against the barbed chains but still found she could make no progress against them.
‘What has he done to me?’ Lilith screamed in her own mind unable to do much else. He had turned her into a snake and realizing this she began to laugh which sounded like a series of short hissing noises to anyone else around to hear. ‘Oh god what is Kevin going to think about this? I swear if anyone calls me Noodle Four I will constrict them to death.’ Lilith thought to herself as she hung there chained to the column for some time until her tormentor returned.
He walked down the entryway in long strides, seeming to be happy with his work. Lilith could move her head a lot more than before the first chain being about 3’ below her chin. Her head tracked him as he walked down the hall and approached her with a package wrapped in leather in one hand. She watched him place it on the table below and unwrap several pieces of meat.
“Oh breakfast in bed you shouldn’t have.” Lilith said sarcastically into his mind.
He laughed at this and then said “Here you must be hungry my little snake, why don’t you give this a try.” Baphomet then lifted a chunk of meat about the size of a T-bone steak and held it in front of her.
Lilith’s tongue stuck out as a reflex and brought in the sweet citrus scent of Hawaiian pizza. She was confused for a moment as she expected something more savory or gamy. But then the realization hit her. He was holding before her human flesh. Looking down at the parcel on the table she realized that the meat wasn’t wrapped in leather but instead some preserved form of human skin. She recoiled from the offered meal and scoffed. “I won’t eat that. Humans aren’t food.”
Instantly he snarled and withdrew his hand throwing the cut of flesh onto the pile with the others below. His hand then came back up in an instant pointing at her. “Sinslitherskin you shall eat this meat and enjoy it.”
With that Lilith felt a pain and a rumble in her stomach as her apatite heightened and her sense of smell drew in the scent again. She then began to salivate despite herself wanting nothing to do with the pink and bloody flesh below.
Seeing her mouth dripping, he once again offered the meat to her, holding it only inches from her nose.
“So that is how you made me desire you, by using my true name? I must say, that is a sad way to get a piece of tail. You’re more pathetic than Bill Cosby, you know that.” Lilith said into his mind in a spiteful tone. Then she laughed out loud but again it sounded like a series of short hisses. The ridiculous sound made her laugh even more as the barbed chains pinched at her sides.
“What? How?” he bellowed tossing the meat at her in a fit of rage. “You will obey me serpent. By the time I am done with you, you will be broken and begging for my mercy.”
“Why don’t you undo these chains and we will see who will beg for mercy.” Lilith shot back.
Then suddenly Lilith felt a pain in her body. It was a burning pain that pierced her threw and threw. She looked down to see a jet black glaive piercing her black body with a gout of red blood covering the blade. The demon lord withdrew his weapon and made it disappear into a dark mist. Lilith again winced in pain as yet more blood shot out of her but he just walked off leaving her to bleed from the vicious wound.
Lilith hissed at him as he left watching the demon lord go back to his chamber as she poured blood onto the ground below. Lilith wanted to close her eyes in pain but she had no eye lids and no facial muscles instead she banged her head against the pillar and rest it there as the bleeding slowed but never stopped.
For long hours she thought about where this had gone wrong. ‘Should I have just seduced him and played along? No he would have wanted me to hunt humans with him. But at least I would have been out of these chains. Damn it Damn it.’ Lilith screamed internally. Then the hunger hit her, it becoming more intense with each drop of blood she shed. With an open wound on her side she didn’t dare test the chains again so she hung there just as before waiting. Her only solace being that she now knew her true name and that her captor was still trying to work on her and hadn’t decided to kill her yet. ‘Kevin if you can hear me, I need you. Please bring help.’ She thought to herself as she wanted to cry knowing she no longer could.
Faerun, The sword coast, Town of Daggerford.
Bindi walked out into the marketplace carrying her father’s armor. Turning left she walked up the Duke’s way returning to the Ducal Castle. As she did she noticed an important looking soldier up ahead being led in the same direction by a page. Walking faster she caught up and then recognized him as General Hansen and the recalcitrant corporal.
After they were let into the keep she was stopped by a particularly annoying guard.
“State your name and your business here.” the guard demanded.
“Bindi of Daggerford. I live here, Tom!”
“Oh is that you Bindi? I didn’t notice with all the armor. Sorry go right ahead.”
“You didn’t notice the blue hair? Are you sure you are getting enough sleep Tom?” She asked in a playful tone.
“Sorry, its just that everyone wearing armor like that has been you know knew. So I was just getting in the habit of asking for names.” He explained.
“Well I guess that's better than getting in the habit of just letting people in.” She said as she stuck out her tongue walking past him.
Tom said nothing in retort. Instead he swung his clip board with down and smacked her on the butt. Which got a slight ‘yip’ from the young girl.
Walking at full speed now she moved quickly across the banquet hall she caught up to the general and followed him into the master study. Inside she found Sir Tanel, Lady Morwen, Kevin, Sharl, the Vice Mage, General Hansen, Father Trendel and a Paladin of Helm. The regent seemed to be watching the door for someone in particular even as Bindi handed the armor off to Kevin. Eventually the subject of his attention entered.
“Wendel, what did you find out?” Sir Tanel asked seeing him enter the study his hair a bit disheveled.
“Val is watching them from a safe distance using a sensor. They are still heading this way but there is some bad news. There seem to be more like 200 demons now. I think they are summoning more each night as they stop.”
“That is troubling. Is there any more you can tell us like when they will be arriving?”
“Well the new demons seem to be smaller than the others, like Hell Hounds and Draegloths. As for when they will arrive the answer is soon. They could be here as early as four in the morning but if they rest the full six hours like they normally do they could be here at ten o’clock tomorrow.” Wendel said with a worried look.
“So with all that in mind the task at hand is to devise an effective defense of this town. Luckily we have brought in stores to last us for the next month. So a prolonged siege isn’t an issue. The problems we have are the demons that can teleport or fly, to bypass our defenses.” Sir Tanel said pointing at the detailed map of Daggerford arranged on the table.
“I see you have some markers on the map already what do you have planned?” General Hansen asked
“Just as a starting place I have shown the town guard from both Daggerford and Waterdeep manning the walls. Behind that we have the militia stationed in two places; 50 behind the farmers gate and 50 in the Drill field. Then we clear the market place and have our cavalry there to react to any breaches in the walls. Lastly we have the Paladins, clerics and wizards spread out evenly along the wall working in groups of thee.” Sir Tanel explained pointing to each of the paper symbols in turn.
“That's not bad but explain what you mean by having the groups of three?” Father Trendel asked.
“It is actually something Kevin suggested and I agree. I think if you have a paladin ensuring the safety of both a cleric and wizard they will be better able to attack the enemy and we will have a surplus of enemy for them to attack I assure you.”
“I see. Yes, that sounds like a good plan, we actually brought about the same number of paladins clerics and wizards so that should work out quite well.” Father Trendel admitted with a few nods.
“What will you have the paladins of Helm do?” the Helmite commander asked.
“I didn’t make an icon for your group specifically but I would like you to split up into two groups of ten and help support the two Militia units who will be responding to any gate or wall breaches.”
“We can do that, Now when we need to charge a breach do you want us to lead or to follow?” The Helmite asked.
“Follow behind them and prevent them from getting flanked or surrounded. They will be using some very long spears that work best when they are all focused in one direction.” Sir Tanel explained “Is there anything else? Any other questions or suggestions?”
“This looks like a reasonable plan but I have just one question. If someone is injured where should they go for healing?” The Vicemage asked.
“According to he map here, the biggest concentration of healers would be at the two militia groups, where there are ten paladins each.”
“Well that will make them easy to find.” Wendel said.
“So now it is up to you to organize your respective forces. Although I must ask that the Wizards meet with Father Trendel so he can organize them into groups with his clerics and paladins.” Sir Tanel said looking at Lara.
The Vicemage nodded back and re-gripped her staff.
Bindi watched as the General, his aid and the Helmite left the room, soon followed by Wendel and the Vicemage along with Father Trendel. Then she saw Celeste walk in through the door and give Sharl a hug as he stood around the map table.
“Oh hey short stuff take a look at this.” Sharl said looking down at his new appendage hanging on to his waist.
Celeste looked at the map table for a moment her arms never leaving his side. “That's no fair you didn’t make a symbol for the giant eagle.” Celeste complained.
“Yes that does bring up a good point. Where are you going to be during all of this? Are you going to go off on your own like last time or will you stick with the clerics on the wall?” Sir Tanel asked.
“I will have to talk to Dawnbringer Hass and see if he wants to join me in the skies. He seemed to take to it pretty well last time.” she said standing up straight but still leaning against Sharl as he put a rather large arm around her. “Either way I need to head back to the tower and make a few more scrolls. Hey Bindi what spells can you cast? I can show you how to make some scrolls too.”
“Let me see?” Bindi asked out loud as she opened up her Spell codex to look at the spells she knew. Surprisingly she found a new folder there. In this folder there were third level spells. [Haste] and [Sending] She studied them for a moment before saying “Oh I have some new ones, Haste and Sending.”
“Ok lets go up to the tower and get some scrolls made I can even teach you a new spell.” Celeste offered.
Bindi just nodded and waited for her by the door.
Kevin was now putting his armor on and checking the fit.
Celeste gave Sharl another hug and said. “Dinner tonight.”
“Oh where do you want to go? The River Shining Tavern?” he asked.
Celeste just nodded and headed for the door grabbing Bindi by the hand as they both headed for the Wizard’s tower picking up some lunch from the kitchen on their way.
Once they were in the Library, on the second floor of the tower, Celeste wasted no time showing Bindi how to cast Mage Armor. She memorized the spell after only thirty minutes and soon had it cast upon her. The spell would deflect two fatal blows and 5 non fatal blows using a magical force. “I like this one it makes me feel invincible.” Bindi said as she looked at the rune words for the spell.
The two of them then spent the next several hours making spell scrolls. Bindi was making scrolls of Haste while Celeste was making scrolls of Cure Wounds and Fireball. Then Wendel and several other Wizards came in and started doing the same. The library got very loud and there were not enough seats even though there was plenty of parchment and pens as most of the wizards seemed to have brought their own.
There was a single word that kept being spoken and was on the lips of every wizard there: Banishment. They were teaching the spell to each other and making scrolls of it like mad.
Bindi looked to Celeste in confusion not understanding the spell fully. “It might not hurt the demons but it does send them back to the Abyss so that they aren’t a problem for us any more.” “Oh so its kind of like putting them in time out?” Bindi asked with her head tilted to the side.
“Yes that's one way of putting it.” Celeste said as she gave the blue haired girl a knowing look. “Did Kevin ever put you in time out?”
“No but he threatened to once.” she admitted her face souring a bit. Bindi looked around the room a bit more not seeing the young wizard she had met that morning. “Wendel, where is Val I thought he would be with you all.”
“He was spying on the enemy army for us but he should be back soon.” Wendel said lifting his head from the scroll he was working on.
“Isn’t that dangerous?” Bindi asked
“Yes, quite. Doubly so since there are some demons who can see through invisibility. But he had the right spells prepared for it and he is staying well clear of them. So don’t worry.” he said with a nod
“I wasn’t worried I was just curious.” she insisted even as she looked down at her swords making sure they were still there. Her eyes were focused on one sword in particular, the one that Lilith had sent to her as a gift, the white and blue Elvin rapier on her left hip. It was her favorite sword but she wasn’t even sure she would be using it in this battle as the Dawnblade was so much more powerful and had a longer reach.
Unsure of what this battle was going to be like Bindi began to fidget with her pen bouncing the back end of it on the parchment she had half complete. ‘How do we fight ten thousand undead? What would it be like facing 200 demons would they surround us or blind our whole army?’ Bindi wondered as she bit her bottom lip.
Seeing this Wendel spoke up. “Don’t worry this isn’t going to be like Nighstone. We know exactly what to expect and we have lots of soldiers and sturdy walls to fight from. So keep making those scrolls we are going to need them, it could be a long drawn out fight.”
With that Bindi went back to finishing her second scroll of Haste and then went back to making scrolls of Snowball Swarm.
The Abyss layer 113, Thanatos. Throne room of Everlost.
Deep in the Everlost palace, in the throne room, Agy was still on his perch watching the Lord of Undeath chew on a leg of man as he sat on his throne made of skulls. He watched on with envious eyes as the delicacy was hard to get for anyone in the lower planes even more so in the 113 layer. Here in Thanatos living slaves could not be kept. Their life force was drained by this lands foul nature. Instead the planes housed scores of mindless undead and the cities were populated with intelligent undead such as mummies, vampires and liches.
Agy frowned in disappointment as Orcus finished off his meal in record time, chewing and swallowing it flesh, bone and all in only two bites. Then he saw him call over a sending stone using his telekinesis and begin to speak into it.
“You are getting close to Daggerford now. I hope I made myself clear on what you are to do.” The Demon lord said in a deep raspy voice.
“We are to surrender to them right? Hand over our weapons?” The shrill voice said followed by a string of unhinged laughter.
“You aren’t nearly as funny as you think you are Joker. Now stop wasting my time or I will choose a new leader for my army. Perhaps one of the Balors would be more willing to answer my questions quickly and accurately after I let him burn your bones into ash!” The Demon Lord threatened his voice causing the room to shake.
“We are to bypass Daggerford and proceed South East to Dragonspear Castle raising as many undead as we can along the way.” The Joker said in a calm and uninterested voice. “But are you sure we can’t sack the town of Daggerfod… just maybe a little bit?” He asked in a high pitched voice completely different from his voice just moments before.
“No you brain rotten Lich! Do not stop or delay for any reason! I want that portal opened as soon as possible. Then I will walk the mortal plane again to scourge it with my wrath.” he bellowed pounding his fist on the armrest.
“Ya, ya, I got ya. I can’t wait to see that. What with all these stupid Elves and Dwarves and happy people running around not laughing at my jokes. Hey I got a new one for you. Why did the skeleton cross the road?”
Agy leaned forward wanting to hear the punch line but Orcus sent the stone back to the side of the room where it rest on a table along with several other magical items.
“I swear I would have sewn his mouth shut long ago if I didn’t need him to cast spells from the mortal plane.” The Demon lord complained before he called forth several of his vampire servants. “Prepare your forces. We will be entering the world of Toril via the inter-planar gate in 5 days. Agy send word to my generals in Orcusgate they must meet here by the 4th day or there may not be any living souls left for them to feast on.” he chided pointing to the red imp over his right shoulder.
Agy immediately stood up straight and began flying out of the throne room to the teleportation hall in the East wing. Once there he found a Litch on duty and ask him to send him to Orcusgate. In only an instant he was there in the familiar metal tower, leaving the teleportation hall, he began to fly down the next corridor. As he hovered there Agy dreaded his next audience the insane Balor known as Glyphimhor. Slowly but surely Agy flew towards the state room of this citadel not sure if he would be listened to or consumed as food or stretched across the wall as a piece of art.
Faerun, The sword coast, Town of Daggerford.
Val had finally arrived and he was gifted with several scrolls from the other Wizards who commended him on his return.
“It was much harder hiding on those grass lands than you might think. Especially when they have giant skeletons and Demons with them.” he said in a casual tone as he held one of the scrolls he had been gifted.
“Well I am glad you are back we are going to need all the spell slingers we can muster tomorrow.” One wizard said as he slapped the young man on the back.
“So you saw the demons?” Wendel asked.
“Yes they were at the back of the formation some, were even stopping from time to time to summon things. Hell Hounds I think judging by the flaming mouths.”
“Well I am glad you are back here take this. Its for Wall of Light. It should come in handy if the Undead ever approach the wall you are guarding but it can even stop demons for a while.” the older wizard offered.
“Thanks, I will be sure to use it.” Val said placing this scroll with the five others he had been offered since his return.
Bindi was tired of writing and was low on spell energy having put so much into the five scrolls she had made. “Celeste I am going to head to the castle for dinner do you want to join me?”
“Oh what time is it?” she asked looking at the clock on the far shelf. “Oh crap I need to call Sharl.”
Bindi looked on as Celeste bowed her head and cast Sending. It only too a minute before she was back up and responsive. She immediately grabbed her things and started heading for the stairs.
“Hey where are you going?” Bindi called out.
“Sorry Sharl is already waiting for me I need to go.”
“Ok see you in the morning then.” Bindi said watching Celeste run down the stairs as she walked behind her.
Arriving in the Castle Bindi decided to use sending for the first time to contact Kevin. Saying the rune words she thought of the young man with his black hair and its white stripe and his freshly repaired suit of armor. Then her mind connected and she spoke to him. “Kevin I am back in the castle ready for dinner. Where are you?”
She only had to wait a moment before the reply came back. “I am in my room thinking. Come on up and we can go together.” He said back to her in a calm tone.
Bindi went upstairs to her room and changed. She put on a formal green dress that Lady Morwen had bought for her leaving her armor and swords near her closet. Checking herself in the mirror she fixed her hair. The blue locks had a slight curl to them and she too had a stripe of white hair on the left side just above her temple just as Kevin did. Satisfied with her looks after a few strokes of a brush she headed across the hall to see her father.
Knock Knock Knock. “Kevin are you ready?” She asked.
“Come in.”
Bindi opened the door and walked in briskly letting it close behind her. She liked Kevin’s room as it had many assorted trophies and collections he had made over the years, unlike her room which was mostly empty except for the clothes that she had been gifted. Here eyes immediately went to his rock collection the purple and red gems gleaming in the candlelight.
“Have a seat Bindi we need to talk.” Kevin said in a solemn voice that took her by surprise.
Bindi’s head snapped around and she looked wounded for a second but then she calmed down and moved over to his desk chair turning it to face where Kevin sat on his bedside. Sitting down she remembered to cross her legs and leaned forward her right arm resting across her right leg. “What is it? You look upset.” She asked.
“Did you know I lived the past year of my life almost completely alone. I traveled the Sword coast working as a sellsword or adventurer. I even helped escort Wendel on one of his trips. But mostly I was alone in the wilderness or in a big city tracking down a thief or a monster. But then I met Lilith and the whole world changed for me. Suddenly I had a partner to go on these adventures with. A woman who shared my interests and my sense of humor. And then I wasn’t alone any more. I didn’t care what she was or what she looked like. Even when her lady bits became snake bits I didn’t care.”
“Dad!” She screamed.
“And then I met you and you were goofy and curious and full of energy. You were like the best parts of both of us put together in the form of a beautiful blue snake.” He paused looking up at her. Bindi smiled at him noticing his expression looked troubled. “And that is why I can’t lose you too.” He said his face turning sour at the thought.
“Lilith isn’t dead!” Bindi yelled.
“I know, but she is lost to us. She’s gone and I can’t do anything about it not yet at least … I feel so damn powerless in all of this and after a full day of planning and strategy sessions and loss projections I don’t want to lose you too.” he said his speech slurring slightly as he held up a hand to stop her from speaking. “So do this for me. Promise me you won’t leave our ranks tomorrow. Promise me you won’t go out on your own and get surrounded. Stay on the walls where I can protect you.” He begged looking at Bindi with eyes she had never seen before.
“I can’t... I can’t promise that. But I will stay with Father Trendel and I will listen for Lathander’s guidance.”
“And what if Lathander asks you to run into a group of a hundred demons will you do it?”
“Yes I will. He is the god of life and rebirth and vitality. He would not send me to my death.”
“Are you sure about that?” He asked with a stern look.
“Yes.” Bindi replied her lips pursed as if she was holding back a lot more.
“And that's all?”
“What more is there? How could I explain my faith to you?”
“I don’t know you could try.” He said his hand outstretched with his palm turned up.
“Lathander has been with me from the beginning just like you and Lilith. You remember that first morning don’t you?”
“Yes I-.” He began to answer when Bindi cut him off.
“Then you know that every part of my existence is a miracle. A miracle that my god will not give up so lightly. But he also doesn’t think so little of me that he wouldn’t allow me to fight. Not when so much is on the line.”
“You are a miracle.” He said pressing his lips flat against each other.
Bindi nodded holding back tears of her own before she moved onto the bed next to him, hugging him from the side, her head resting on his shoulder. “And you are amazing.”
“Heh. How so?” He asked as he wiped away a few tears.
“Because you treat me like a normal kid.”
“Well aren’t you? Just a normal tomboy, with blue hair and the sword of a god.”
“And an empty stomach.” She added.
“I think you got your mum’s apatite. Come on.” He said offering her a hand up as he stood.
With that they both went to the formal dining room and join the rest of their family for a modest feast by their standards. Much to Kevin’s surprise General Hansen was in attendance but luckily he left the matters of war at the map table down stairs and instead asked about the town and how it was doing.
Kevin talked about his visit to the Spires of the Morning Cathedral and how nice the City of Waterdeep was. The general gave him a list of shops and restaurants he should visit the next time he was there. Then he spoke of Cromm’s keep and how he wanted to rebuild it and use it like a trading post to better farm the surrounding areas.
Bindi used the time to catch up with Lady Morwen and Sir Tanel telling them of her trip and her battles the previous day. It was then that she noticed she was sitting in the spot that Lilith had sat in the last time they had all had dinner there. Suddenly her appetite left her and she left half of her desert uneaten.
The conversation continued long after the food was done. Bindi was the first to grow tired. She caught herself yawning and then asked to be excused. There was a cost to everything though and she had to endure a hug from Lady Morwen and Sir Tanel before she was allowed to leave the room and crash on her bed.
She lied there for a few minutes looking up at the ceiling wondering what would happen tomorrow. So much relied on that one day’s outcome. ‘Hell so much relies on me.’ she thought before she kicked up her legs and stood up again changing into her nightgown before returning to bed. Then she snapped her fingers putting out all the candles in an instant. She sat there again staring up at the ceiling this time in the dark before she heard Kevin’s boots approach her door. There was a stream of light coming in as he half opened it and said. “Good night my little miracle.” Before shutting it again and going to his room across the way.
‘He is such a dork.’ she thought to herself as she felt a smile draw across her face.
Daggerford Map
Map of Faerun Daggerford is on the Sword Coast, South East of Waterdeep and south of the Sword Mountains
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2021.11.30 05:42 SexyBatman1939 WSIB? Looking for more solo story games to play and have no idea what to get

Solo games I’ve enjoyed include Fallen Order(though I wish there was more combat and less puzzles), Tomb Raider series, Arkham series, RDR2, and I thought Oxen Free was pretty cool.
Before someone suggests Fallout, I have 4 and it seems really cool/fun but I can’t seem to level up or find good things and it’s made me barely play it since I got it like 4-5 years ago. I even have all the DLC’s. Would much appreciate some suggestions. Playing on a series s
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I know Green Day fans typically hate the trilogy, but surely I can't be the only one who likes them. For Jesus of Suburbia's sake, Dirty Rotten Bastards was the first song I ever heard by Green Day so I am very nostalgic for the trilogy, so I wanna know what you guys think, especially since they turn 10 next year.
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2021.11.30 05:42 AramisFR You can still stack healing AoE

A month ago, AGS pushed an undocumented change about healing AoEs: you couldn't stack them anymore, apparently ending a meta based on stacking tons of bubbles.
Well, it seems that you can actually still stack some of these.

Identical AoEs do not stack. See where I'm going ?
Let's say you're using Sacred Ground with both tree upgrades.
Someone near you casts Sacred Ground with only one tree upgrade;
Someone else casts Sacred Ground with both tree upgrade and the upgrade found on gear;
It thus seems you get triple healing ticks. Because the spells aren't identical.

Still need further testing.
I'm not saying intense stacking is safe. You still are vulnerable to a well coordinated burst, and if you guys are all stacked, it might be disastrous. But the possibility exists.
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Is it A: Please hold my hand LORD now B: Please hold my hand FOR now
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Pregătim un buget echilibrat și responsabil pentru a stimula economia și a împărți mai corect banii țării pentru binele tuturor românilor!Am început analiza proiecțiilor bugetare pentru anul viitor și fundamentarea documentelor care însoțesc proiectul de buget pentru 2022: Strategia fiscal-bugetară și proiectul legii plafoanelor bugetare, a scris marți ministrul Fiananțelor pe Facebook. Avem de recuperat multe întârzieri și lucruri nerealizate la timp, dar lucrăm temeinic, așezat și găsim soluții. Discutăm despre necesarul de finanțare pentru proiectele și politicile fiecărui minister, despre prioritățile din programul de guvernare, mai spune Adrian Câciu.
Citeste in continuare: https://economie.hotnews.ro/stiri-finante_banci-25213627-caciu-finante-nu-vom-creste-nu-vom-introduce-noi-taxe-inceput-analiza-proiectiilor-bugetare-pentru-anul-viitor.htm
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