What to expect when considering joining the Air Force Reserves?

2022.01.22 20:12 knockyourdreadsoff What to expect when considering joining the Air Force Reserves?

I (24F) am considering joining the Air Force reserves and I am wondering what to expect, pros and cons, and if it’s generally enjoyable. I have some law enforcement related experience and a criminology degree and that’s about it. I’m really looking for something that will test my limits and help build my personal discipline along with learning new things. Thoughts?
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2022.01.22 20:12 cvj0802 Working Out

Does working out cause anyone to wake up with extreme anxiety the following day? I used to love working out and now I have more time than ever to workout. But I wake up with insane anxiety the morning after I work out. Does anyone else experience this? How can this be combatted?
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2022.01.22 20:12 OliverMarkusMalloy Trump may let his kids take the fall as the legal net tightens around him: DC insider

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2022.01.22 20:12 Sovetika Shelby Hayes - h1715

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2022.01.22 20:12 dumbnunt_ Venus is in Capricorn and I'm playing this song

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2022.01.22 20:12 CrossedAnchorsRR 2022 Lionel Catalog : Crossed Anchors Railroads Review

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2022.01.22 20:12 kassukon55 Are zoophiles cool

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2022.01.22 20:12 Previous-Board-1230 Who got this vid?

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2022.01.22 20:12 DeadShotm1 [EVENT] [RETRO] El Gran Capitán y la Partida

Gonzalo, Corsica, March 1510 ”¡Adiós!”
[Additionally, ships and troops have been shuffled around considering our many conflicts]
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2022.01.22 20:12 nickr4014 Account Claiming Unreturned Equipment

Hello. I just reviewed my most recent bill and it is saying I have unreturned cable box which is incorrect because when I had tv service I used streaming. Can I please have some assistance in ensuring I won't get charged for something I never had.
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2022.01.22 20:12 budgetcooking Think Fast - Nick Knacks Episode #078

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2022.01.22 20:12 whoever81 The myth of Prometheus - Iseult Gillespie

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2022.01.22 20:12 chemix42 Can I precision locate someone else’s AirTag?

My daughters best friend left her AirTag bracelet at my house and texted to see if we saw it. This seems like the perfect opportunity for me to use precision finding in real life. Can I do that without it being my own AirTag? It seems weird to be using my eyes to look for an AirTag 😜
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2022.01.22 20:12 mcadams312 Join my Live Group "Late Night Funhouse🖤💋", ONLY valid for 24h.

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2022.01.22 20:12 Expert_Marxman69 when japan did a bazinga

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2022.01.22 20:12 Arnadus [WOO] WOO Network. Price ↘ -4.93% in 1 hour [+ 2 others]

[WOO] WOO Network. Price ↘ -4.93% in 1 hour [FTM] Fantom. Price ↘ -3.09% in 1 hour [LUNA] Terra. Price ↘ -4.2% in 1 hour Discovered by TOP_15_1_HOUR_DOWN submitted by Arnadus to cryptopricesalerts [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:12 Amberpine12 Judge me off my account

I'm curious what people think of me on here-
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2022.01.22 20:12 bigstepper99 Site code for Canterbury

Does anyone know what the site code is for the Canterbury depot? I moved to the area in September and I’m already a driver I just want to move locations, and support have asked me to provide the site code
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2022.01.22 20:12 greenskybluegrasses Ez

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2022.01.22 20:12 bfide10 Glitchy Peloton Software

Hi guys!
Was wondering if anyone has been experiencing glitchy or slow reaction from their peloton bikes (I have bike+)?
I noticed in the last month clicking around now has more lag before the menus are changed/scrolling. I noticed a notification to update the software a few days ago and though maybe that was the issue. After installing the update, still seeing same behavior and for the first time, it crashed in the middle of my bike ride (everything was frozen before turning white and restarting).
I'm hoping it's not related to Peloton's trouble right now. Anyone else recently experiencing this issue?
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2022.01.22 20:12 alpha1528 can I have advice pls?

so im ftm and im not comfortable with my body. but I want to show my body to my significant other, but I feel uncomfortable with myself to not want to show them. but also want to show them? I just need some advice on how to feel comfortable ftm naked with another person pre transition
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2022.01.22 20:12 JellyM16 What’s the episode of the guy who went hiking with his friend and he fell off a cliff?

Read somewhere that there was an episode like this but haven’t come across it yet.
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2022.01.22 20:12 connerjamez Former poppy tea user switching to kratom today

So today is going to be my first day off PST, if anyone in this sub is a former user of opiates in that form you know all the alkaloids in it make for a pretty damn long withdrawal, I just took my first dose of some green meang da from a really reputable place here in Carlsbad. Unfortunately don’t have a scale right now but I’d say I downed 4ish grams my first dose. My question is, anyone coming off strong opioids and switching to kratom did you have to use much higher doses (15-20g) to stave off withdrawals? Thank you all, hoping kratom pushes me through this time.
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2022.01.22 20:12 Royale_Cookie6 holesome

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