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Chime credit just tanked my credit score badly. :(

2022.01.22 20:29 Hextant Chime credit just tanked my credit score badly. :(

Full disclosure, it tanked when I opened the account, then brought me up over 100 points ( I had awful credit, lol ).
It was steady for quite awhile now, but I went to check it today, and it just dropped me literally 55 points. Wtf??
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2022.01.22 20:29 AtormentaTuCerebro La DECISION mas DIFICIL ¿Que puerta eliges?- ACERTIJOS IMPOSIBLES

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2022.01.22 20:29 OhMyJoe [64] Wilson Bohannan Brass Padlock

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2022.01.22 20:29 manicromantic33 To those who picked up and moved to another part of the country because you hated where you’re from, how did you do it and how long did it take you?

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2022.01.22 20:29 micashimo Brawlhalla Alpine Bundle Prime Gaming Code

hope this isnt against any guidelines or whatever but i dont need the code so i hope someone else can use it?
30GA32-G1C0H* final letter, who's gonna give it to ya? that's right, X
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2022.01.22 20:29 cogreacts Axel Webber - Should We Like Him? Had fun with this video and it’s my first one in this commentary style!

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2022.01.22 20:29 awang1996 [The Sims 4] Probably the most gimmicky plat I’ve gotten. I’m a little ashamed (but not really)

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2022.01.22 20:29 SpriteCherry2 Why couldn’t yhwach see aizen as Ichigo in the future?

I finished bleach but too long ago so this might’ve been said while I was reading and I just completely forgot.
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2022.01.22 20:29 sepi4a ویلی ویلی ویلسون

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2022.01.22 20:29 josemontano ✅CAIDA PROGRAMADA😱Noticias Criptomonedas Cardano | Solana | Shiba Inu | Luna | Bitcoin | Syscoin

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2022.01.22 20:29 driver8007 Potential build on a northwest slope

Hi folks,
Have a bit of a unique opportunity. Currently sketching design for a passive solar 2000 sq ft off-grid build. The site is beautiful, flat base on top of gente ravine down to a small river.
I feel like it would be a wasted opportunity if I didn’t build into the slope and make a full walk out basement. More space, and a gentle/easy approach to the river where there’s a wood fired sauna.
Being off grid, I’m concerned of heating (NE Canada). Initially was going to slab on grade with radiant floor heat and super efficient stove. Basement means more plans for heat. If I commit I would build basement with ICF block.
Any advice appreciated!
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2022.01.22 20:29 Positive_Ant_5525 Has anyone used tret on back or chest and have you seen any progress? If so, what is your routine? TYIA

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2022.01.22 20:29 Jairo_Gomez Get Nae naed

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2022.01.22 20:29 TravaX_2 Ubistore appears to be bugged and all games are 90% off

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2022.01.22 20:29 monster1881 Anyone have a Dropbox link with lil peep part one? Need it on Spotify

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2022.01.22 20:29 COUNTheMOON Is there a double jump timing plug-in for Bakkesmod?

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2022.01.22 20:29 jomakepeace2018 Three months and one day, that takes us from whatever this hell is, and then leads us out of it; if we can but realise in time that we must first choose it to be, to then be able to choose it to be. See. Rev0.5 mk0.1.1

Reader notes
What can I say except I’m sorry. Im sorry its so long. Im sorry it’s me and I’m sorry my words couldn't be less shite than what I can write. Them as.
Not that it makes any difference, but I wouldn't have even been my own first choice, if anyone else was saying what im going to say. For what it’s worth. But here I am, and here we are. Its where we go next Ive got an idea about.

Reading notes
Ideally read me out loud. I know you will resist the idea, but you should get a much stronger connection to my nonsense words if you do. Otherwise use your internal narratodictator’s voice. If you have one/ the other, or both!

The answers, when we remember to stop asking questions rhetorically, to:
If not us then who?
If not now then when!

The Truth
There will always only and ever be,
just one 'us'. Just one humanity.
And in actuality, this will have always been true: No matter how much however many of us currently act like we don’t want it to be.
And regardless of how many times we find ourselves trying to kill each other to prove that being wrong was right all along.



Stoopid! You do realise that right?


For there was always, only, and ever will have been.
Just one us.
Here, now, today.
And that’s just a fancy pants ways of saying Just you and me buddy, and everyone we love, and those they love, and so on and so forth.

For that is, and so we are, all we will ever be - the current iteration of our humanity.
Just us. As one entity.

The lie
But whilst we erroneously continue to act like this truth is not true, that we are not sister, we are not brother, so this lie we live our lives by will continue to divide us and so drive us blindly, around and around this cycle what we all seem to be stuck in. Together.

And for what it’s worth I call the current iteration of this cycle: Boom. Bust. Bang.

For what it’s worth.

The bang part 1
And within this repetitive cycle of Boom Bust Bang, we surely realise we are fast approaching the Bang bit, right buddy?


But which if I’m right about the timing, is lucky for us!

Stevies crazy cycle theory #2
Because after the listening has stopped but before the bang begins there opens a brief window of choice. A choice that in our current state of division, so is currently hidden from us, but there nonetheless.

A change of state for humanity has begun and will very soon go on to become, inevitable.
A change we most of us can feel, yet cant speak of to each other, because whilst still in division and despair, so we have to live the lie to each other that we just dont care, when the truth is, that we darent care.

And apropos of nothing, have you found yourself struggling to breathe recently for no particular reason? Struggling to remember? Struggling to remember? Struggling to remember? Just askin!

So until the bang begins, proper, that window of change yet remains, open, and so therefore the direction of that change, also yet remains. Up for grabs as it were.

How many is enough of us?
Just enough of us, not even most of us, was always going to have to have been enough of us. But if its enough of us, then it happens for all of us.

Its up to you buddy!
All you have to do is to choose to see this truth, in this time; the truth of the window of opportunity that yet remains, to then make possible the choice it then offers us. This is all enough of us have to choose together.

Which was lucky for not just us, but our kids and grandkids too.

THE PLAN (at long last!)
Day 1. From an agreed date the three month and one day countdown begins.

It begins with the Great Century 21 Turning Away from politics (Secessio plebis).

All our voices have stopped being heard, irrespective of whichever particular divide it is that you choose to currently reside. Any and all of us. Right? And that's not Right. So if none of our voices are being listened to at the moment, its right that for a short while they should experience the same! To be given the opportunity to learn why this is wrong.

For 3 months and a day we choose to choose mostly together to simply turn our focus away from the bollockshit of our current politic - so they can then reflect and then hopefully rediscover their real role; as caretakers of their peoples interests and nation ambassadors working together for the good of our wider global society.

During this 3 months and one day of Secessio plebis we ask of our news and media outlets to focus instead on the good works we are already doing in the world, on the good work that needs to be done and the good works we are going to spend 3 months doing. The good works we must do to help us to prepare to become the people ready to hear;

the 'Truth of Their Times'
(dah dah dahhhhhh!)

Some of our media will come with us. Some wont and if we are lucky, it will have been enough. Im banking on the BBC!

For this 3 months we ask our banks and finance houses to choose to work with charities and religions to help us to organise (and pay for) our three month 'Make The World Better' campaign. And those banks who help us organise this will be showing us that they do want to be part of our communities. Those that don’t, obviously don’t value us beyond the profits they make from us. And again, when the time arrives, we will remember.

And whilst we toil together, for the good of each other for those 3 months (but not one day) our scientific and environmental community will be preparing to deliver to us all the Truth Of Our Times, at the First Global State of the Environment Address.

Not what can we afford, or what political points can be scored, but What approaches and what needs to be done.
Broadcast to everyone. Real time. Everywhere.

Because when it comes, this truth of our times its going to be tough - which is why we spend 3 months of our spare time becoming the people ready to hear it.

And the banks, working with the charities and our faith, will be organising us, irrespective of our divides, into Paint brush parties, binbag marches. Basically together we clean up our communities. That kinda thing. And then fun in the parks to further bridge those divides and consolidate our good works together.

We spend 3 months of our free time both making our world better and celebrating our achievements together, and so at the same time preparing ourselves to become the people ready to hear the 'truth of our times'.
Dah dah dahhhhh!

And then after 3 months our scientists and environmentalists will tell us the truth of our times. And because we will have become not just ready to listen, but to hear. So we will.

And then from the moment after the first global state of the environment address is delivered, to us all, we begin the world first Peace Day. 24 hours without state sponsored conflict. And remember this is from the people we have just spent 3 months ignoring! And so it won't work first time. Just sayin. But that’s fine. Because if we don’t give up on the idea, and instead we try to get better every time buddy. On-wards and upwards remember, and once more with passion each time, then eventually together we will make it work. And so when finally it does, we will be all the stronger because of our collective endeavour.

And then if we want to we can choose to make it one day a month. Then one day a week!

And after 24 hours of peace, or not (as long as we tried it doesn't actually matter) we finally turn back to our leaders and ask of them 'are you the leaders to lead us into this?'

For we will always need leaders. But then it’s up to them if they choose it to be them. Or not.

Science will have been given back its due respect as an authority to help guide us into this new age. Where humanity finally accepts its role as custodians for its ever-changing environment. The banks will have begun their rehabilitation within the communities they have now shown they want to serve. News and media will have been given an opportunity to reassess their relationship as tightrope walkers of truth between politics and us, and so hopefully now restored to a more even keel, and politics will have been reminded, by the actions of us individuals together, of whom they both serve and lead. And finally we will have begun to become the people who can confront the challenges we were always going to have to face anyways, but now armed with the truth of our times and the new found sense of togetherness that we just forgot about how important it was to us all along. Remember?

We can choose those Happy Days
I’m also hoping it will prove my theory on goodness cascades correct. It’s like the Higgs Boson of love. Fingers crossed! Happy days indeed!

Or not
Or we just carry on as we are, getting angrier and angrier with each other for bollockshit reasons way beyond our control, all the while our jaded leaders continue to dismantle what they can’t sell until eventually, inevitably, we blunder (albeit probably unintentionally) into WW3.

Knowledge of a choice means we can no longer say 'what choice did we have!'
So with this plan, right here, right now, today, we still yet have a choice to decide. Albeit a redonkulous sounding choice within an ever-narrowing window. But if we do have a choice, that also means that if we don’t choose this path, if enough of you don’t choose this path, and soon enough, then inevitably this window will close and by default we will have choosen war. It is after all, the cycle, that by the lies we currently live by, we are currently stuck in.

Keep reaching buddy. And keep breathing. You can do this.

The terrible generational implications of our decisions
If we choose to send our children to war this time they will begin a conflict without an end in sight. Because our desire for bloodshed, and murder and rape and torture and all the other depravities that our divisions demand we demand of our kids, will have long since been sated, anger long burnt out, because we didnt realise that this time around this conflict would be amplified, and so elongated, by the consequences of our ever changing climate, like dwindling resources and mass migration.

And so generation after generation will be forced to fight a conflict that only us, here now, today, could have ever stopped.

We will either choose to break this cycle, here, now, today or we will have to wait until the ravishes of the climate and internet wars subside before we will get a chance to choose this choice again. Which would be a very long time, and a real shame. And that is if we even make it that far!


Cumon humanity. I rooting for you
I believe that with a groundswell of vocal support from people just like you, and quickly enough, before the window of choice closes, this could happen.
I believe in the goodness of us buddy. And all you have to do is just accept that we could become those people, people who believe in the goodness of each other. In 3 months and one day we could at least begin become those people. Couldn't we?

For we will always, only, and ever be, one humanity buddy.

You and me, and everyone we love, and those they love, and so on and so forth, stretching a web of love around mother earth connecting all of us. And in a surprisingly short number of hugs!

Now isn’t that a lovely thought!

And finally (thank the traffic lights!)
And finally, please click on the link below, and when you read it, as bitter and hard as it will be, please imagine, if you have kids, that it’s your child telling this story of their childhood. And so read it as a lesson from our past, delivered to us from our future, to help us here, now, today, to choose to make a better choice. Because we all of us need to remember buddy, what that coming conflict will strip us all of together. Irrespective of whichever particular divide it was,
that you chose.
(I cant post links but the link is in my last post. Ta.)
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2022.01.22 20:29 spamsfilms My pedestrian people need me

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2022.01.22 20:29 FerCWB17 Opiniões impopulares (ou nem tanto) sobre futebol

Fala galera, o ócio bateu forte aqui. Vejam se concordam ou não com as besteiras abaixo: - O futebol atual, com jogadores mais fortes e rápidos e a tática sendo tão importante quanto a técnica, é bem melhor de assistir que o de antigamente. - Briga e pancadaria no futebol já não tem mais graça e é patético de acompanhar. - Tirando os santistas e os véios que o viram jogar, os brasileiros só forçam uma idolatria ao Pelé por ciúmes/inveja da relação entre Maradona e argentinos. - A cera no futebol brasileiro chegou num nível absurdo e as vezes o torna inassistível. Esse lance dos goleiros sentirem cãibra toda vez que seus times estão ganhando é absolutamente ridículo e precisa acabar. - O “cancelamento” de jogadores por causas extra campo é extremamente seletivo e incoerente. Vários jogadores (do presente e passado) tem causos tão graves quanto aos de um Robinho ou goleiro Jean, e passa batido pra maioria. - As pessoas são demasiadamente saudosistas com a seleção brasileira. Em especial a dos anos 90. Eu tenho 31 anos e acompanho futebol com alguma frequência desde os 6. Foram RARÍSSIMOS os momentos nesse período que a seleção jogou bem com constância, era elogiada, estava na paz. Quase sempre a relação com imprensa e torcida foi mais de ódio do que amor, vaias, contestações, atletas jogando muito menos com a amarelinha do que nos clubes (isso inclui você, Ronaldinho Gaúcho). Nada muito diferente do que vemos hoje.
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2022.01.22 20:29 Haunting-Buyer8532 Jolly from my new series

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2022.01.22 20:29 VictorHubress *Drops Mic

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2022.01.22 20:29 SilentJhep 90u Cold Pressed Hash Rosin

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2022.01.22 20:29 AuxiliaryFunction [EVENT] The First Parliament in the Reign of His Majesty the King Henry VIII - The Parliament of 1510 - A Surprising Interruption

[14th July, 1510]
By afternoon of the 14th of July, this session of the Commons was looking to be normal and dreadfully boring. Parliament had gotten drawn out in long, tired debates about the dower of the new Queen - the question of loyalty to England was brought up again and again. This was of course not the only issue that had been holding up Parliament during this time - the docket of acts Parliament was to debate and discuss was quite lengthy given that this was the first Parliament of a new King.
But still, the air in Westminster Abbey had grown stale in the heat of summer and the constant droning on of one of the two Undersheriffs of the City of London, Thomas More, didn't help hold anybodies interest. This was the fourth time now he'd brought up the immutable rights of the City of London, a point of discussion which was not even particularly pertinent to the conversation and this session had very clearly lost the interest of all men forced to participate in it.
A particularly young Clerk had his head filled with iron, drop through his hand and onto the desk which he sat with a dull thud. This noise caused a lapse in the speech of More, who glared at the young clerk.
However, now that silence had befallen the chamber, the MPs and clerks could hear noises from outside the abbey. Shouting.
Suddenly, the doors of Westminster Abbey opened and five men stepped through. Their elaborate dress betrayed their position - the royal retainers of King Henry VIII. The men stepped forward into the abbey, after a few paces the foremost man looked to the Speaker Thomas Englefield and spoke.
“Mr. Speaker, The King commands this Honourable House to attend His Majesty immediately in this chamber of the Honourable Commons.”
Loud gasps escaped the mouths of most MPs sitting. Thomas More, with a look of horror, sat down. This was most unusual - the King had rarely, if ever, entered the Commons alone and certainly it was quite rare for him to wrest control of the floor from the Speaker.
It was at this point with the doors ajar that the shouts from before could be heard more clearly.
Indeed, within moments the King's virile and towering visage appeared in the doorway. The King confidently yet promptly stepped through into the Abbey proper. Attendants shut the door behind him, and the King looked up at the Speaker Englefield.
"In my capacity as Speaker, I hereby cede the floor of this Honourable House to His Majesty the King to say what he might see fit. The King may now take the Head of this Chamber." With an air of grace, the Speaker stood up, and stood next to the Speakers chair, motioning for the King to take the seat.
Henry indeed did march up to the chair and without a word, sat. The MPs and Clerks who had stood to address the King sat with him, and did not move as he once more stood to address the Commons.
"Right and Honourable members of this Most Venerated House of Parliament, I interrupt this meeting with no pleasure nor joy held in my heart. One might assume given the nature of mine own speech that something tragic has occurred - something that may well destroy the Kingdom itself. While I can assure the Kingdom finds itself in no such danger, I cannot assure this House that no such tragedy has occurred."
The King's voice boomed through the hall, his inability to speak with freedom undercut by the ferocity of his voice. Every man in this chamber knew exactly what he wished to say.
"On this most joyous day of mine own reign the news of a most heinous act of High Treason has occurred at the hands of a man by the surname of Bluefield. This act, so heinous in its deeds, gave such cause to the Emperor of Romans Maximilian to write by his own hand a letter with grave threats. Threats of expulsion, threat of isolating England from her allies."
Several MPs, no doubt, burst into a cold sweat by this point in the speech.
"Imagine my shock then when the news turned out to be true, and the response of Maximilian justified. That my own subjects, those whom my father so Gracefully ruled before me and those whom I have protected from the tyrannical policies of those Learned in Law, may commit such an act against their own King."
"There is no doubt in my mind that such an act of hostility against mine own being could not possibly be born out of hate nor malice. I come to this Honourable House not to accuse its Right and Honourable members of wrongdoing, but rather to announce that such actions will not be tolerated and those who have perpetrated such a heinous crime shall be sought out and dealt with to the fullest extent available."
"Many men in this chamber are familiar with the last tragedy to befall England bearing a similar name - the burning of the Stettin Factory. I make it known now before this House that such an act will not go unanswered and unanswered by the Crown. Each attack on the interests of England and her Nobles, her Merchants, and her People is an attack indeed on myself and such assaults shall be taken as the most dangerous offenses - but let it be known too that no man who slithers in the dark beneath the watch of the Crown shall remain hidden forever."
One of the men on one of the benches gently swallowed, his throat filled with a hard stone.
Sir Thomas Bradbury looked at the King as his speech concluded, and tried to control the waves of cold racing through his body.
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2022.01.22 20:29 b22299 POLL: Who will you vote for in the upcoming Ontario election in 2022?

View Poll
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2022.01.22 20:29 mounirouadi "Humans are weak, we die easily, but no matter how weak we are, even if we're being chopped to bits or stabbed to death, we still want to live."-Guts. This's one of the best panels for me, it shows how much struggle and pain Guts is going through, hope you like it! Instagram: @mounirouadiart

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